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Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum Program FAQ


My child already knows all of their letters and numbers.  Will the Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum benefit them? 

  • It will still benefit a child who needs practice writing letters and numbers because it has lots of tracing and coloring opportunities to improve fine motor skills.

  • It also offers extension options to blend sounds and write words.  

  • However, if your child is reading and has mastered writing their letters and numbers this is probably not the best choice for your child.

My child knows some of their letters and numbers but not all.  Will the Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum be too difficult? 

  • It will not be too difficult because it allows you to meet your child wherever they are.

  • There are lots of tracing opportunities  and you can write any letters or numbers for them to trace in the independent writing sections.  

  • However, if your child does not have any letter/sound or number familiarity then this is probably not the best starting point.

Do I need to start this at the beginning of the pre-kindergarten school year? 

  • No! The Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum can be started and worked through at any time to help your child learn these skills. 

  • For example, it has 35 weeks of skills and activity pages, so beginning in January before your child begins kindergarten the next fall would allow you to finish it around the time they entered kindergarten.  Or you could begin in the summer before kindergarten and continue it into the beginning of the kindergarten year.

Why is this more expensive than other workbooks and why does it look different?  

  • It's not a workbook - it's a comprehensive and thematic 35 week program that includes an adult daily Guided Lessons book (explaining how and what to teach your child step by step) and a child Pre-K Workbook with a reading and math sheet for each day Monday through Thursday (Friday is a craft/activity).  

  • Many typical workbooks focus on one topic or have different sections on letters, numbers and so the skills are isolated and a lack of focus and consistency can make it difficult for children to retain knowledge and  skills - and you have to figure out what your child is doing each day!  

  • This provides you with an easy, ready to use resource to pull out and use each day.

  • It looks slightly different than a typical "workbook" because it's intended to be and is something different!

Do I need to buy a lot of materials to complete the Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum with my child? 

  • No!

  • The Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum requires only paper, colored writing utensils (such as crayons or colored pencils), paper plates, and a few other common household items, such as cotton balls.  

  • There is no need to go to the store or to buy anything.

Is there an online component? 

  • At this time there is no online component.  This puts a hard copy Guided Lessons book in your hands and a hard copy Pre-K Workbook in your child's hands to easily pull out and complete each day in 20-30 minutes .  

  • If you are looking for online videos and/or feel that your child learns best that way, this is probably not the best option for you.

Do you offer refunds? 

Due to the consumable nature of our product we are unable to offer refunds.  

Writing Journal FAQ

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