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Building Good Habits that are Long-lasting

It can be a huge struggle for both you and your child when you're trying to add something new to your routine. Whether it be reading a book before bed each night, practicing letters for kindergarten readiness, writing in a gratitude journal, taking a walk each day, or doing a coloring page, it's easy to set good intentions but hard to follow through as a busy parent. You're not alone - it's difficult enough to build a habit with one person involved, let alone two! But, if you start small and use some of the tips below you are MUCH better set up for success.

Tips for Building Good Habits with Your Child

  1. Start small. It feels great to say "we'll do 1 hour of reading, and go for a hike, and bake healthy treats together every day" but once you get into the busy weekdays, this probably isn't realistic long-term, and will likely result in giving up on it all. Instead keep it reasonable: "We'll read one book every day right after we eat lunch" or "We'll go for a walk in the neighborhood every day before afternoon snack"

  2. "Stack" the habit with something else you already do regularly- such as a meal or getting back from school, daycare, or dropping off a sibling

  3. Put a post-it note out on the counter every night with a reminder saying "Book" or "Walk" or "Color" and don't let anyone throw out the post-it until you've done the task

  4. Be ready to go. Have any materials you need ready to go for the week so you're not having one more thing to do on a busy weekday

  5. Remember that consistency is the MOST important piece to it all!

If you're looking to build good habits with your child connected to learning, reading, writing, or math, check out some of our products - all designed specifically to give you an easy to use, ready to go resource!

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