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Free Summer Letter Practice Printable

Happy Summer! I'm not sure how your weather is (not quite summer here - yet!) but there's always something about Memorial Day that makes me smile and look forward to the long days, fires, swimming at the beach, ice cream, picnics... And of course my kids are already asking if they have to do "school work" this summer. (A sure sign it's summer!) Are you in the same boat? I always struggle with this because I want them to be kids and fully enjoy the summer, but I also want them to be ready for the fall.

Just like everything else, I really think each family has to decide what's right for them. In our house we (finally) agreed on 15-20 minutes most weekdays, before they head outside. If you make a similar decision and want to work with your preschooler or an upcoming kindergartner on letter practice, you might find a good fit with our Free Summer Letter Practice Printable - you can download it at our site, or you can email us at and we'll be happy to send you the printable. It has 13 weeks of printed practice/activities, with each week focusing on 1-2 letters, so the work and planning is done for you :)

Enjoy this weekend and this time with your little ones!

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