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How Does My Child Learn the Letter Sounds?

You probably already know associating letter sounds to the letters of the alphabet is necessary for beginning reading. But you may be wondering about the best way to teach your child letter sounds. Similar to letter recognition, (which can be taught alongside letter sounds), focusing on one or two letter sounds at a time can provide your child with repetition and give them time to build and retain their skills and knowledge. Using the beginning letter sounds of words is a good place to start too. Below are a few fun and simple ideas you can use to help your child learn letter sounds.

Simple Letter Sound Learning Activities

  • Walk around the house together and find as many items as you can that begin with the __ sound

  • Make the letter sound and have your child add to it to make a word (for example, D - OG) - then flip places!

  • Write the letter on a piece of paper and work together to draw pictures of different items that begin with that sound on the page

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