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Letter Activities for Preschoolers

Use your Free Letters Printable - Preschool Worksheets for Letter A through Letter Z

Get your 26 Page Free Printable with Letter Tracing and Activities Here!

Letter Practice Writing Outdoors

1. Chalk! It's so simple but it's always a hit, especially at the beginning of the summer :) Draw letters and have your child trace them, draw bubble letters and have your child color the letters in, or have your child draw the letters themselves

2. Water Paint Letters: on the driveway, patio, or sidewalk with a bucket of water and paintbrush

3. Flour Tracing: Give your child a tray of flour and have them trace letters in the flour (this is a good outside activity because it can get a little messy!)

4. Power-washing! Let your child "help" with the spring power-washing and write out a letter with the power-washer

Activities About Letter A through Letter Z:

Do these with your letter of the week!

5. Hide and Seek Letter Scavenger Hunt: Make a handful of letter cards; have your child hide them in a room; then look for them while your child laughs and jumps up and down :)

6. Smack the Letters: Write out a handful of letters on post-its or notecards and scatter them on the table or floor; give your child a pancake flipper; yell out letters and have them find and "smack" them as quickly as they can

7. Sticker Letters: Trace a letter and have your child cover the letter with stickers

8. Chocolate Chip Letters: "Write" letters with chocolate chips on a graham cracker with peanut butter

Crafts for Preschool Summer Letter Practice

9. Bubble Letters: Draw a large bubble letter and have your child cover it by gluing items that begin with the letter sound (i.e., cotton balls for an activity for letter c - grass for an activity for letter g - dandelions for an activity for letter d)

10. Tape Paint a Letter: Use painters tape or masking tape to create a letter on a piece of paper; have your child paint the entire page; remove the tape after it dries to reveal the letter

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