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Letter Writing Practice: How? When? Why Does My Child Hate It?

While all our little ones vary in developing this skill, many children begin writing letters of the alphabet (or markings that resemble letters) around ages 3-4. And so while your child will develop at his or her own pace, you can use that benchmark to think about when to introduce letter recognition and practice. That all being said, you might be wondering how to start or... why does my child hate practicing their letters?!? If so, you're not alone :)

Drawing letters for your child to trace is always a good start, and you can graduate to spaced out dots for them to trace more independently. And if they're not crazy about it, don't worry - a lot of children don't like practicing a new skill that's difficult for them (like many adults!). Allowing them to trace all or parts of letters can help build their confidence and avoid shut downs. And while this can be as simple as writing letters on a piece of paper from the printer tray, below are some easy ways to make it a little more enjoyable for them :)

Letter Writing Practice Activities:

  • Help your child write letters on the driveway with chalk

  • Put finger paint or shaving cream on a tray and have your child trace letters in the mess

  • Have your child trace letters with a grown up pen

  • Write letters on construction paper in pen and have your child trace them with a paintbrush dipped in water

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