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Move that Body to Learn the Letters of the Alphabet!

There’s lots of research that different children learn best in different ways - some by writing, some by talking, some by reading, some by moving, and some by seeing. But regardless of how your child learns best, there’s value to incorporating some activities from all the different learning methods from time to time. And movement (a.k.a. kinesthetic learning) is always a fun one they’ll enjoy :) Below are a few ways to easily bring some action into learning their letters!

Kinesthetic Learning Activities

  • Make the letter with their hands and/or body (i.e., for the letter “T” stand up straight with arms out to the sides; for the letter “H” hold up two arms vertically and you add your arm horizontally)

  • Do activities that begin with the letter sound (i.e., letter “J” jumping jacks; letter “R” rolls across the room; letter “H” hops; letter “K” high kicks; letter “S” skips)

  • Draw a large letter outside with chalk or painters tape on the floor and have your child walk (or run) it to trace it

  • Do jumping jacks while singing the ABC’s

  • Draw 5-10 letters of the alphabet on index cards (1 letter per card) and place them around a room on the ground - then yell out letters one at a time and have your child run and hop onto that letter

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