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How Can I Teach My Child to Recognize the Letters of the Alphabet?

Are you wondering when your child should recognize the letters of the alphabet, or when they should be able to write them? First, it’s amazing you’re proactively thinking about this! Your child is lucky to have you. Let’s talk about letter recognition first - being able to look at and identify a letter.

There are LOTS of opinions and studies out there. That being said, the “general” consensus is that most children start to recognize letters of the alphabet between ages 3 and 4, and many children entering kindergarten recognize most or all of the letters of the alphabet as well as some letter sounds.

Alright, you know you want to teach your child the letters of the alphabet - where to start? And more importantly, what to do so that it doesn’t fall by the wayside? Because life is constantly happening and crazy when you have young children.

You may already know some of the major ticket items that increase letter awareness: reading stories aloud to your child, reading alphabet books, teaching them the letters of their name. These are all amazing cornerstone activities.

But you might also want something a little more focused. Nothing crazy, but a letter or two to focus on at a time. Then when you look through a million amazing Pinterest activities you can easily pick one and tie it into the letters you’re currently working on :)

An easy way to do this is by picking a letter or two to teach/practice each week. That way you can easily, naturally, and repetitively bring up the letters. For example, if you’re focusing on “M” you can show them the M on the milk carton, read books about the Moon, and draw M’s outside with chalk. The repetition can really help a child retain the new skill.

If this sounds like a plan, you’ll be excited to know that soon you’ll be able to access our free Summer Letter Activity Printable! It gives you the letters each week and has a summer’s worth of short daily letter recognition/sound/writing activities. No need to take away from pool time :) Sign up below for email updates to receive your free Summer Letter Activity Printable!

Simple Letter Recognition Activities

  • Have your child find the letter(s) you’re learning that week in books you’re reading

  • Draw the letters with chalk outside and ask your child what they are

  • Draw the letter as a bubble letter and have your child color it and/or decorate it

  • Google “simple letter _ craft” - pick a favorite

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